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Tim's Teeny Timer

picture of two TTT circuit boards

Two TTT circuit boards

Tim's Teeny Timer is designed to do one thing: run a small brushed motor for a modest amount of time as inexpensively as possible.

Tim's Teeny Timer was designed to be the timer in Larry Renger's ET-2 control line trainer. Larry and the Knights of the Round Circle put on control line flying demonstrations using Larry's ET-1 trainer, to introduce children to control line flying. This has led to demand for a trainer that the parents of an interested child can buy and take home. This demand, in turn, led to Larry's ET-2.

What Tim's Teeny Timer Does

Tim's Teeny Timer consists of two things: a timer circuit, which drives an electronic switch. When the button is pushed, the timer turns on the switch, and the motor spins. The timer keeps the motor spinning for sixty seconds, or until the button is pressed again.

The overall effect of the TTT is that the pilot gets to fly for sixty seconds, and then the motor cuts and the pilot lands.